Egyptian rights activist interrogated for anti-torture law proposal

Egyptian human rights activist Negad El Borai wrote on Facebook about being interrogated by investigative judges for proposing a law against torture:

“I presented a draft law against torture to the president of the republic…I’ve drawn up a strategy to eradicate torture…I’ll be happy to be put on trial for this reason. It has been difficult to go through two days of lengthy investigations. I would have committed suicide had it not been for the well-mannered investigation judge. What a rubbish bin we live in!”

“The government thinks I am afraid. I’m 60 and well-travelled; I made and lost money; I drove cars and rode in the subway. Now I am here just to deal with you [the government] and I won’t be silent until we see an end to torture in this country and until anyone who violates the physical safety of an accused is held to account.”

“I’ll the first person in the world to be accused of presenting a law against torture…My wish is to stand an open trial to prove that the government is covering up torture.”