Arabeye is committed to
covering social media in the Arab world 





Arabeye has open eyes for reactions, views and perspectives expressed by Arab social media users. Main stories and topical issues in the Middle East and North Africa are the areas we watch. Among these social media users are political and social activists, opinion makers, protest organisers, journalists, militants, academics and ordinary people using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

An insight into Arab social media offers a wider spectrum of information about the Arab world that goes beyond that provided by mainstream media. This type of information could be indicative of looming political or social change, popular uprisings or regime change. Anyone monitoring social media in Egypt months before the 2011 uprising could have gauged the extent of popular discontent and youth-led activism.

Arabeye is an eyewitness providing translations and contextualization of Facebook posts and tweets made by participants and witnesses of armed conflicts, unrest and human rights violations, whistleblowers and opinion makers with thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Arabeye keeps an eye on little known Arab news websites, blogs, YouTube channels and Facebook pages, which often provide indications of social trends, religious transformation, separatist tendencies or direct action movements.